Agreement for Your Personal Information Collection, Use and Disclosure by the Lender

I agree that Lender may create a file of personal information about me in order to allow Lender to determine whether to make loan(s) to me. I understand that this personal information may include, but is not limited to, information contained in this credit application, and any credit information received from credit bureaus or other lenders, and if my application is accepted, information in any pre-authorized debit form or loan agreement I may complete with the Lender and in any credit life and disability insurance application or policy issued for me (collectively “Personal Information” or “PI”). I understand and agree that Lender may use my PI for: i) confirmation of my identity; ii) the initial and ongoing credit assessment of me for my credit worthiness, my employment, and if the information I provided above is accurate; iii) to meet any legal and regulatory requirements applicable to Lender, to its service providers and to any loans Lender may provide to me; iv) creation of any loan and the required credit life and the required credit life and accidental disability insurance coverage on me, and allow electronic pre- authorized debits of my bank account for loan payments; v) administration of my loan(s) and collection of payments from me before or after a default; vi) marketing of Lender's, its affiliates’ and third parties’ services to me; (collectively the object of the file); and vii) statistical analysis for Lender’s business plans and Lender to raise capital or loans for its business, including sales of portfolios of loans to third parties. I consent to the collection of my PI by Lender in order for Lender to determine whether to engage in financing of a loan for me and to enforce any payment that I owe under any loan agreement. I agree that Lender may disclose my PI about me with the financial institution processing my pre-authorized debt payments, the insurance company providing my credit life and accidental disability policy to Lender, credit reporting agencies, third parties to whom I direct any loan to be paid, lenders of Lender and others providing services to Lender to allow Lender to provide and administer loans, as may be necessary from time to time to arrange the loans and the funding of the advances for me. I also agree that Lender may disclose my PI to its affiliated companies, its lenders, and to any third parties that may purchase my loan from Lender and to any entity that may result for a corporate amalgamation or reorganization of Lender. Further, if a loan is granted I authorize Lender i) to review my account periodically, which could include obtaining additional credit reports; ii) to disclose my credit information into any credit database; and iii) to share any and all other financial information that it possesses regarding my account, including but not limited to information regarding my loan history, account history, account balance, and credit worthiness, with any third party that reasonably requests information about me. If my credit application is declined by the Lender, then I also agree that the Lender may, but is not bound to, disclose this application and my PI contained in this application to third party lenders to consider my application for a possible loan from one of those parties. I understand and agree that my PI may be stored and/or processed or otherwise used by or on Lender’s behalf both inside and outside of Canada by third party service providers or by companies in the Lender’s corporate family, to perform functions on Lender’s behalf. As a result, I understand that that country's courts, governments or law enforcement agencies could obtain disclosure of my PI under that country's laws. If I wish to see my file or make corrections to it, I understand that I may do so by writing to the Privacy Officer at Lender’s offices at LOAN AWAY INC., 5060 Spectrum Way, suite 302 Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5N6. I understand that Lender only provides its financial services on line and via electronic means and that Lender’s website uses “cookies”, being software that may track information about me and my use of the Lender’s website, and any confidential portal I may create on Lender’s website. If you want a copy of Lender’s present Website User’s Policy, read it any at time in its present version or future updates, on Lender’s website at: I agree to use of my PI to send me marketing information from Lender and its affiliates and third party service providers. If I no longer wish to receive marketing information I can tell Lender at any time to remove me from its marketing lists by contacting Lender by mail at:
5060 Spectrum Way, suite 302 Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5N6
Phone: 1.866-689-0091
Fax: 1.866-689-0115

By submitting this application:

i) I certify to LOAN AWAY INC. (“Lender”) that the information contained in this credit application is true, complete, and accurate.

ii) I certify to Lender that neither a bankruptcy proceeding nor a consumer proposal is now or about to be made about me;

iii) I have read the foregoing terms included in this Credit Application and I agree to them, including my consent to Lender to obtain credit reports about me and the Agreement for Your Personal Information Collection, Use and Disclosure by the Lender; and

iv) I will provide Lender with any additional requested information.